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Locally Owned

Go Crispy in the State of Qatar owns 4 restaurants in strategic geographic locations, and its staff includes more than 200 employees who provide outstanding service to its customers.
Go Crispy is a local project that started in Qatar

products it offers in all its restaurants, and using fresh, slaughtered chicken that is Daily halal.
It is keen to adopt a comprehensive package of social initiatives. The company has come a long way since the beginning of its work in Qatar, during which it was keen to strengthen ties with the community. It succeeded in occupying a prominent position at the state level, and became an active member of society through a number of social initiatives. We are determined to continue providing our valued customers with the foods they love in an easy and enjoyable way, and to be part of the social fabric of Qatar.


Our Community

​Chicken Go Crispy Restaurants is a local project that started since its inception, With a global system to become a globally registered trademark in all countries of the world.


Our History

Go Crispy is a local project that started in Qatar
To become globally registered in all countries of the world.

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