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After Chef Hissa Al Sulaiti recorded a distinguished success in bringing
Tabakh AlWaldah
restaurants to the top in Qatar and obtaining international
certificates in safety and quality.
In 2017 Hissa began looking for another success story and her thougt's began to on
starting a fast-food project with another concept balanced between fresh and fast
food and here the idea of establishing Go Crispy
 Chicken started, a chain of Qatari restaurants
specialized in fried chicken, sandwiches, and other dishes loved by all of society,
Chef Hissa Al-Sulaiti's passions lie in the combination of fresh fried chicken seasoned
with its natural Qatari spices to produce a delicious flavor with a taste comparable
to international restaurants.
Thanks to God, the first branch of the Go Crispy
 Chicken restaurant chain was opened at the
end of 2019 in the Al-Gharafa area.
Then in 2020 Chef Hissa Al Sulaiti opened the second branch in the Al-Wakra area.
In the second quarter of 2021 third branch will be opened in the Umm Seneem area.
All with the participation of our valued customers.
We look forward to honoring our beloved country Qatar and expanding,
God willing, with you.

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